“The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It's never outside.”  Eckhart Tolle


Anahata Yoga Therapy is a body-centred form of therapy that addresses the “issues in the tissues”. It uses therapeutic tools within the realm of yoga to retrieve the messages the body-mind offers by way of symptoms, habitual patterns or life’s challenges. Anne helps her clients listen to these internal messages and facilitates access to each person’s wholeness, well-being and truth.

A therapy session usually takes place in a one-on-one setting, but elements of it are offered through Anne’s classes, workshops and retreats. Sessions with Anne are one hour long and she recommends booking 3 consecutive appointments in order to fully address an issue. They can be experienced in person, by phone or by Skype.

Although termed “therapy” this work is not truly about fixing problems or self-improvement. Anne’s embodied compassion allows her to see each client’s inherent perfection and she uses simple, skilful dialogue and inquiry to help this perfection come alive as a felt sense. Anne encourages her clients’ authentic compassion and self-love to come forward, inviting their True Nature to the foreground. This approach is the foundation for the healing process.

The result of Anahata Yoga Therapy is a sense of release and relief on many levels, and a tangible experience of peace and acceptance. This transformation occurs as events, misperceptions, identifications, negative self-concepts and limiting beliefs are encountered and uncovered with the assistance of the body’s knowledge, and welcomed with curiosity and an open heart.


Anne holds a powerful intention for every client: to be Presence. This Presence is experienced as she assists each client to orient towards their True Nature as whole and well. Session themes can include health issues, chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, depression, fertility, career or relationship challenges, life purpose, PTSD, spiritual inquiry and more.

To book a session, send Anne Douglas an e-mail with a list the dates and times that will work for you in the time period that best suits you.

Session fee: $95 per hour


“I consulted Anne twice about problems with my speaking voice, both with remarkable results. The first time I met Anne was by phone, and it was immediately clear that I was in the hands of a highly intelligent, sensitive and talented therapist. I've never felt so quickly comfortable sharing my personal stories with a stranger. In the course of an hour she helped me uncover some previously untapped, life-changing information that had an immediate, profound and positive effect on my voice. My second consultation was in person - preparation for a public speaking engagement using Yoga Nidra technique - with (thank God) outstanding results. Having struggled with muscular tension dysphonia for over a year, the benefits of my consultations with Anne were beyond what I believed was possible. Her ‘self-maintenance’ exercises are extremely effective and are now a part of my everyday routine. The mind/body/spirit connection is, I believe, the next frontier in medicine - yet it's an area in which most medical professionals have little interest or expertise. Anne's profound and holistic understanding of human health and disease is as rare as her extraordinary talents.”

Anne Fenn, ~ Screenwriter/Journalist, Toronto, Ontario

“Anne is a wonderful, unique healer blessed with an enormous capacity for love, joy and humor. She has the ability to create a safe and fun environment from which to listen to our own inner guidance with curiosity and warmth. My work with Anne has been transformative! Alternatively, I could say ‘she rocks!’ ”

Jill Peterson ~ Psychologist, Hawaii

“Anne is a gifted teacher and healer who shares her extensive knowledge and experience with great compassion, empathy and good humour. I always left her class feeling relaxed, uplifted, empowered and hopeful that it is indeed possible to learn how to live well with chronic pain and health issues. The techniques, ideas and lessons I learned in Anne’s Therapuetic Yoga class have been particularly helpful with relaxation and sleep quality. They have become a part of my daily life and I use them with much gratitude”.

Bev Berteau ~ Administrator, Banff, Alberta

“Anne Douglas brings heart-centered intuition, master-level expertise, and ever-burgeoning energy to her yoga, yoga therapy, and meditation sessions. Combining compassion, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of yoga practices and philosophy with her wondrous sense of humor, her sessions create profound renewal and exhilaration for the spirit. Her exquisite attention to and application of consciousness in action manifests moment to moment Presence, where she teaches her students that everything is welcome”.

Jami McCarty ~ Writer & Teacher, Tucson, Arizona